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Bare Domestic
Bare Domestic
What areas do you cover ?
We are working hard to expand so please keep an eye on 'Our Cleaners' page, as we will list cleaners as they become available. Some ladies will be prepared to travel further than others. If you do not see a cleaner in your area listed, please contact us and we will find someone who is prepared to travel.

Working hours ?
The cleaners all vary in their working hours, due to other jobs and family comittments. But as a guide, 8.00am - 10.00pm

What happens if i need to cancel ?
Provided we receive more than 24 hours notice, we can either refund your payment or reschedule your appointment. Cancellations made within 24 hours  remain subject to the booking fee, which will not be refunded. Any cancellation or reschedule request must be made via email to sales@baredomestic.co.uk

What if the cleaner cancels or does not show up ?
Once booked, this is unlikely, but life does get in the way sometimes and unexpected things occur. In this case, we will refund your payment in full, or reschedule if you prefer.

What are my payment options ?
The cleaner requires the booking fee to be paid via Paypal or bank transfer from your personal account to confirm the booking. This enables us to verify your identity for safety and security reasons. The hourly rate for the booking can be paid directly to the cleaner in cash on the day, or you can make payment to the cleaner in full at the same time as the booking fee.

What is the notice period required to book a cleaner ?
This varies from cleaner to cleaner, but ideally we require 3 days. The simple answer is to give us as much notice as possible. However, short notice can sometimes be accomodated.

Can i invite other people to watch ?
No. Only the person who made the booking may be there. This is strict, otherwise the cleaner will leave.

Can i undress too ?
Sure, it is your house. Our cleaners are friendly and will not mind if you are naked too, but please respect their personal space.

Can i touch the cleaner ?

How close can i be to the cleaner ?
Our ladies understand that you will want to see every inch of their body and they will not deliberately prevent you from doing so. But please do not invade their personal space. The cleaner will politely let you know if you are getting too close.

What if i get a bit turned on ?
It's normal human nature to be aroused by seeing the opposite sex naked. Our cleaners are open minded about this, but again, please respect the cleaner's personal space.

Can i ask for extras ?
No, please don't. Our ladies are not escorts and will be very offended if you ask.

Can i chat and joke with my cleaner ?
Yes, please do. A friendly, happy, chatty atmousphere is great for both of you, which adds to the experience.

Can i take pictures or video?
Absolutely NOT. If you are caught doing this, the cleaner will leave.

Can i book the cleaner privately ?
We ask our cleaners not to give out their personal information other than a contact email address, for safety and security reasons. Nor should you give them yours.

Do you have male cleaners ?
Currently no.


Some frequently asked questions below. If you do not see an answer to your question, please drop us a line at sales@baredomestic.co.uk