The Rules
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Bare Domestic
Bare Domestic


Please obey the rules listed below. Our cleaners are not escorts and will not offer sexual services, so please do not ask. We take the safety and security of our lovely ladies, very seriously. Any form of abuse, both physical and verbal will not be tolerated.
Ok.... Here's the rules
1. Do Not ask for, or expect sexual services from your cleaner.

. If you have chosen to pay your cleaner in cash, please do so as soon as she arrives, before she undresses.

. Please Do Not attempt to touch your cleaner. Respect their personal space.

. Make sure you have the necessary cleaning materials and accessories. The cleaner brings only a pair of gloves and a smile.

Only the person who made the booking may be present for the cleaning service. Nobody else.

Absolutely NO taking of pictures or video during the cleaning service.

     Please obey the rules and enjoy your experience.

     The cleaner reserves the right to terminate the appointment if the above rules are broken, or if she feels threatened in any way.